As a company, we are certified according to ISO 3834-2 (Extensive quality requirements). Our welders are approved according to SS-EN ISO 9606-1, -2, -3 and SS-EN ISO 14732.

We have the ability and procedures for welding of:

  • Carbon steel up to 700MPa.
  • Stainless steels: austenitic, martensitic and duplex.
  • Nickel base overlay welding on carbon steel.
  • Aluminum alloys up to 7020 T6.
  • Brons CU3 Type 4.

Vi har ca. 45 kvalificerade procedurer.

Welding processes:

  • 111 MMA (SMAW)
  • 131 MIG (GMAW) 
  • 135 MAG (GMAW)
  • 136 MAG (FCAW) 
  • 138 MAG (MCAW)
  • 141 TIG (GTAW)

Manuella svetsmaskiner

SMAW, GMAW Syncro Pulse and GTAW AC/DC power sources up to 450 amps.

Heat treatment

Electroheat (installerad 2023)
L (mm): 5000 W (mm): 2500 H (mm): 2200
Maxbelastning (kg) 15 000

Lokal värmebehandling

Electroheat TF 8056 med keramiska element för förvärmning och värmebehandling (max 1000°C).

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